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Viral Marketing

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The concept of viral marketing is simple…
Implement an entity that is so compelling, so interesting, so valuable, that anyone who comes in
contact with it immediately has the desire to share it with someone (or everyone) they know.
In other words, it’s viral.
But only in the sense that once that entity is out there, it takes on a life of it’s own, spreading and
multiplying like some powerful yet non-threatening virus.
As Martha Stewart says, it’s a good thing.
There are numerous and creative methods that can be implemented for viral marketing. But in
order to be effective, any method chosen needs to contain these same three primary ingredients
(in one form or another)…
1. content or characteristic that is valuable, useful, entertaining, etc.
2. information about you, your business, and/or your products
3. encouragement and/or means to pass the viral entity along to others
Here are several examples of viral marketing methods…
Hand out a free ebook that the viewer can download from your website.
Hand out a free ebook that the viewer can brand with their own information before they
themselves distribute it.
Write and distribute your own articles with topics that are directly related to your website
and/or products.
Syndicate your blog or newsletter content through RSS.
Place a funny or instructional video on your website.
Offer interactive games or puzzles on your website.
Offer email services.
Offer a greeting card service.
There’s really no limit to the methods in which viral marketing can be implemented. The only

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