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How to use Affiliate Newsletters

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How to Use Affiliate Newsletters to Increase Sales
If you’ve already got your own affiliate program, are you sending out a regular
newsletter to your affiliates? The only reason not to is the extra time it takes.
But here are the reasons why you do want to send your affiliates a newsletter
on a regular basis:
ñ You can address any questions that seem to come up regularly
ñ You can update affiliates on any new policy changes, new tools they can
use, etc.
ñ You can update affiliates on new product offerings, new contests, etc.
ñ By staying in touch you stay in their minds, thereby reminding them to
promote your products
Here Are Some Tips To Help You Write Great Affiliate Newsletters:
ñ Use subject lines that include keywords to get your emails opened, not
just “Monthly Newsletter.” Your subject line should make it clear your
newsletter is for affiliates (not consumers) and there is interesting stuff
ñ TIP: Beginning your newsletter with the highest commission paid for the
previous week seems to generally work well at both getting the email
opened and inspiring affiliates. Another good opener is, “Hello John,
we’re grateful you promote our products at” This reminds

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